Renew Drivers License

Every 8 years the average driver in the state of Virginia is required to renew their driver’s license. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles offers several ways to properly renew a driver’s license. They can be renewed online, in person, by phone or by mail. Below is a brief guide to aid Virginians in the liscence renewal process.


When do Virginians Have to Renew Their License?

Average drivers are required to renew their Virginia drivers license every 8 years. The exception to this is any driver who earned their license at the age of 16 or 17. In this case their license will expire when they turn 20.


What are My Options For License Renewal?

As stated above, drivers can renew their license by mail, by phone, or online. The DMV will send a renewal notice before its expiration that will tell you the renewal methods that are open to you.

Online renewal is convenient, but there are restrictions on who can renew in this way. You can not renew online if;

  •  your previous renewal was not completed in person.
  • You are renewing a commercial license.
  • Are required to take a test (vision, etc.)
  • Have an expired or revoked license.
  • Have changed your name or other personal information.
  • Have no outstanding fees or fines.


(This is not an exhaustive list. For a full list visit the DMV’s website.)


How Much Does it cost to Renew Drivers license in Virginia?

The standard fee for renewal is the same no matter how you renew. It costs $32 and is payable by cash, money order, check, or credit/debit card.

If you are eligible to renew online and you choose to renew in person you must also pay an additional $5 fee.


Renewal Requirements

In order to renew your license in person you are required to pass a vision test, pass a drivers knowledge test, (for drivers who are under 21 years of age and have traffic violations) and have a new photo taken.

Some drivers may be required to provide documentation to prove their identity. Some acceptable documents are a U.S birth certificate, certificate of naturalization, and an unexpired U.S. passport. Out of state and non-U.S citizens may be required to provide further documentation.

The State of Virginia requires every citizen to renew their license every eight years. They offer multiple options for renewal, including online. For an exhaustive list of requirements, you should contact the local area DMV branch.